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This is a desert kingdom led by the holy Kuffu. The kingdom stretches far above and under ground. It contains some very large places echoing to a fairly turbulent past.

Salt Straight


The people of Rumm are an offshoot of the Derro, though not intrinsically evil as the parent race, they are a harsh people tested by the harsh desert environment in which they live.

They have dark complexions and dress in Egyptian styled clothing. Many of the better off citizens wear gold jewlery and gemstones as these materials are fairly abundant in the kingdom.


Ashokh – Much of the populace (especially males) practice the ritual “bathing” in Ashokh, a mild drug which is burned in dwellings know as Shokas. The Ashokh bundles are usually burned on a plate in the middle of the room, while men sit around eat and fraternize.

Akwa – It is considered dishonorable not to know how to Akwa, or wrestle. Many of the yearly festivities surround wrestling tournaments, which can be fairly violent. Children as young as 6 are taught to fight. Slaves can never wrestle or practice any martial art. Those who do are harshly prosecuted, which most often end in death and penalties for the slave owner.


Slaves – Most of the Rummian populace, about 60%, is composed of slaves, who do much of the hardship related chores.

Citizens – The free men and women of the kingdom, about 35% are considered citizens and can own land, slaves, and other possessions. Citizens carry out most of the jobs. Warriors come from this group, and are very well trained and adopted to the harsh land.

Nobility – A small portion of the populace, about 5%, is composed of the nobility, which has authority over others. They also carry out the noble jobs such as judges, vesiers, and clerics.

Kuffu – Kuffu is the grand emperor of Rumm and has been so for 435 years. By many, he is treated almost like a god.


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