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A town (1,500 residents) almost entirely devoted to salt extraction. Most of the population are slaves which do most of the manual work of pouring salt water into salt flats and harvesting the dehydrated salt cones. The citizens of the town are composed of slave overseers, merchants, military, and all the non-hardship or servant related jobs.

At the moment a catastrophe of epic proportions has leveled the place. A giant black cube twice the size of an Egyptian pyramid has appeared on the outskirts. The cube is half buried in the ground with 3 sides exposed to the surface. Each side has a giant sliding door in the middle. Its appearance immediately unleashed a heat wave which caused nearby homes to light on fire. As the temperatures subsided two of the doors opened. Out of one came out 3 Retreivers, out of the other a cloud of Imps. The third exposed door remained unopened. The Deamons started to lay waste to the whole town, slaughtering and capturing anyone they could.


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