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Maphastu – A desert town in the Kingdom of Rumm, which was the site for the appearance of Xascoratu.

Xascoratu – A large cubic structure about twice the size of the great pyramid, intricately carved, containing a piece of Hell.


Father Dariel – Cael’s mentor, who’s gone missing investigating an upsurge of evil cults in Sembia.

Dorlan Coalrunner – A priest of Thorain, who summoned Dorak, by his god’s mercy.

Orach D’rann – A vesier of the holy Kuffu and overseer of the lands containing Maphastu


Vamut – A sentient Dwarven waraxe purposed for slaying denizens of the lower planes.

Imp Statuette – A small stone statuette of an Imp, which animates.

Wondrous Box – A square box, exquisitely crafted out of gold and strange black metal.

Father Dariel’s Cloak – A cloak left behind by Father Dariel.

Selune’s Calling – A golden medallion with the image of Selune on its face.

String – An ordinary looking string about two inches long.


The game observes all 3.5 rules for in game mechanics. Except as noted below.

Action Points:
Action points can be used as normal. Each player starts with 5. Thereafter, each game, 10 action points are put on the table and are controlled by the players.

Awarding of XP:
  1. Standard encounter XP is distributed as normal.
  2. Character background is worth an encounter equal party level at start of the game.
  3. Adventure posts are worth an encounter equal the character level at the time of the posting. Short posts are worth half this XP.
  4. Each action point received from another player is worth one third of an encounter equal the character level.

Main Page

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