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This is an intricate cubic box, about 6 inches on each side, made out of black metal and gold. It is of an exquisite make. The box appears to be a form of a puzzle, or many puzzles in one. They are devilishly hard to solve, but their design makes for an addicting past time.

To the shock and amazement of the owner at times, the box springs forth six small legs and moves on its own volition. Its intended destination seems to be specific, though not readily discernible.

Puzzle 1:

Disable Device DC 24

Spinning and pressing two circular plates on two opposing sides in the right sequence triggers a spell. The spell is randomly chosen from the following list, and its effect is as if cast by an 18th level wizard. Once triggered, the same spell is always the same for the current owner of the box. Though each spell has the prescribed spell effect, it always has a visible transformative effect on the target as well.

(1) Expeditious Retreat
(2-3) Spider Climb
(4) Gaseous Form

Puzzle 2:

Disable Device DC 30

Sliding a faceplate on one of the sides and inserting a needle in the exposed holes at the right sequence, then twisting the entire box in the middle opens a small compartment. In it is a small piece of string, about two inches long, and a small note written in the tongue of Mechanus. It says: “My sweetest Jezebel, may this keep you from harm when I am not near and remind you of my love you hold so dear.” Signed “Xascoratu”.


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