Fynias Blackstone


Class: 1 Sor. 2 Wiz. 9 Ultimate Magus. Focus: Evocation Focus: Cold

Feats: Latent Energy Metamagic feat school focus (evocation) Energy Exchange (Cold) Energy Adamixture (Cold) Maximize Lord of Utter Cold (Next)

Items: Magus Cloak (+4 to armor; Stackable, +1 to evocation) Living Metal Staff Feather Fall Ring Bracelet of Transportation Ring of Concentration Circlet of Intelligence Ring of Charisma


Like most men, the story of Fynias Blackstone, doesn’t begin with him. It begins with his father.

Tyril Blackstone was the youngest of seven boys; he was the smallest of the crew and had no idea what it meant to have something of his own. His family was of meager standings and poor background. They were farmers. As a child Tyril was different in his own home, despite his stature, he was feared with a wicked temper and quiet ways. He hated his lot in life and rallied against it.

On his 13th birthday, Tyril sat on the edge of the farm land watching a storm roll in. As he watched, he tasted a metallic sensation and his skin goosbumped. The storm quickly moved across earth and settled just above him; the rain falling at his feet but not on him. It was at this moment he stood and felt it… the chaos amongst the order, the weave of all things. He had understood power and wanted more of it. It was on this day that he began his long journey.

Tyril began working at fevered pace, long days in the field and long nights at study. He would volunteer to bring crops to town by himself and return days later bringing terrible storms and all manner of creatures in his wake. When the time came and he could no longer keep his studies a secret, “tragedy struck” and lighting destroyed his ancestral home with his 6 bothers and parent asleep within. At 15, he had become a landowner, orphan and murder in one fall sweep.

Soon his farm fell into disarray and the ground grew more and more barren. The animals disappeared either from his hunger or his appetite. His studies required financial backing and he reached out to a neighboring farm that had more resources and a single daughter. He began the courtship of Ryana; Fynias’ mother. It was a lucrative deal, he would be wed, his parcel of land would be shared with Ryana’s family and he would gain a substantial dowry and workers. This would work for a time…

Years later all the lands had become tainted and workers would no longer come. Ryana had become subject to horrible things and had lost 6 baby boys and her family. Some of the boys had died at birth, others before the 2nd month, one lived and was scurried away… she was told he died later, but she never knew…. Finally, a seventh son was full in her belly.

She knew he would be taken and things done to him. Tyril walked around the house muttering “Finally… Finally… that cow got something right. This is the one. The seventh son of the seventh son, the seal will be broken….” She had to take her chance… She ran.

Perhaps she was lucky, perhaps his last vestiges of humanity allowed her to get away for a time, whatever the case she fled and had the child alone near a small quiet brook under the light of a full moon. Fynias has been born but in her child’s eyes she saw the storm coming across the field stopping at his feet.

Years later on his 13th birthday her son exhibited his first act of power. It was simple enough; he sparked the fire place without using a flint. His mother’s eyes went wide and her stomach turned. She pleaded with him to attend to the farm and never practice his craft. Fynias slightly nodded his head and things should have returned to normal.

Only days later in a terrible storm his mother had been lost and was found dead; scotched earth on all sides of her. Fynias, had no one to turn to and no where to go, when a letter arrived mysteriously. Fynias was gifted to say the least, his grades were exemplary but no one accepted this. He was accepted into the war college as boy.

At the college he was one of the few not of special birth or royal blood. He didn’t come from riches; he had worked in a fields. But he had power and a burning need to prove himself. So much so that for his graduation, he had done the unthinkable and traveled to the elemental plane of cold and lived there for months. He had made his pacts with frostlings, ice giants and the north wind. He let their blood chill his veins and he in turn could call on them if needed.

And so Fynias, moved up the ranks quickly becoming one of the most out spoken and haughty students to attend the college. His natural gifts, his special mind and his unending will, enable him to move into the Magus program. Where he studied ways to use the weave with both his natural gifts and select tools.

But as Fynias trained eyes are always upon him waiting and watching…

Fynias Blackstone

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