Dorlan Coalrunner

Cleric of Thorain


Dorlan Coalrunner is an old cleric of Thorain. For many years he served as the member of Guards of Earth and Steel, a small and ancient order charged with protecting the world from a most dire prophecy which foretells a day of reckoning, when hell comes to earth.


Recently the order has been very busy as signs everywhere were pointing to the prophecy coming true.

The last few years, Dorlan has spent investigating the cult of Xammux. He had some success, which led him to know of other worlds and of the kingdom of Rumm, which is told to be on the path of destruction. He has also learned of a word others associate with this event, Xascoratu. From what he can gather, this is a name of an evil God who comes to worlds completely destroying them and then moving to the next. This movement is not random and this is perhaps where the only hope exists for one’s land. Xascoratu needs “keys” to enter a world. If it doesn’t have a key, then it can’t visit the world. The cult of Xammux was working on finding the key to Earth, but it was not yet successful.

He set off to Rumm with others from his order, but sadly he was too late. The place was already besieged by devils and what seemed to be a very large, black structure, from which they appeared.

His entire party was killed. With his last breath he called a prayer to Thorain to send him an ally who could help him with the task.

Dorlan Coalrunner

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