Father Dariel

Cleric of Selune, leader of the Order of Stars


A foundation to many, Father Dariel is a fountain of endless hope and charity. This strong upright man guides and councils men from varied backgrounds including the young prince Cael. He preaches the teaching of Selune, but is known to care for anyone regardless of background.

Father Dariel is one of the leaders of the Order of Stars in the Symbian Empire. This small organization is primarily focused on unlocking the secrets of the darkest enemies that threaten Symbian lands.


Few months ago Father Dariel disappeared. Not much is known about his disappearance other that he was investigating recent upsurges of evil cults in the kingdom. He was seen little during his investigations and when he was, he looked like a changed man. A once peaceful calm face has wrinkled in worry and grief with a hectic demeanor busying his conversations.

The last know whereabouts were in the land of Anorach, where his cloak was hiding a portal to the Plane of Terra, Land of Rumm.

Father Dariel

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