The Fall of Faith

The Imp

Dark knowledge, like whispers in the night have been taunting Fynias. They are but shadows of possible power, whose realization has been elusive. He has stumbled upon an area of study he never knew of before and it excites and scares him at the same time. This has come to be his latest preoccupation. It has led him to a dealer in books and antiquities known as Cogg. The mage is after a tome he’s come to hear about, though no one seems to have any promising leads.

As Fynias enters Cogg’s store he immediately notices him. He smiles and asks “and what are you looking for good sir?” As Fynias describes the book to the shopkeeper, he scratches his unshaven chin and says “I don’t think I have what you’re looking for.” Fynias is not surprised, but still disappointed as he seems to be getting nowhere. He thanks the man and turns to walk out when Cogg says “But I think I still might have something, which would make your trip out here worthwhile.” Intrigued he turns and looks as the merchant rummages through dusty boxes. He pulls out a small box. It is covered with red hide, though one can’t imagine what kind. “This has come to my possession a few years ago…” He opens the box to reveal a grotesque looking figurine “and I don’t know where it originally come from, but it does have some resemblance to the symbols you have been describing.” As the mage looks at it closely, he realize the man is right. At the base of the figurine are symbols he have come across in his studies. “Look, no one wants this thing because it is so ugly, so if you want it I’ll give you a good deal.”

Fynias makes a deal and takes the figurine home as it is so far his biggest clue. He examines it that night near a candle. It looks like an ugly creature with bat wings and sharp teeth, standing on top of a square, which has writing running all across it. From experience the mage can tell that the writing is magical in nature. As he tries to decipher the text he brings the figurine a little too close to the flame of the candle and to his horror it moves! It grabs his hand and bites in hard, as blood pours from the wounds. Everything turns black, he can’t move and finds it very difficult to breathe.



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